Fully Managed iPad Solution

Customised App, iPads and WiFi, supported by our experienced onsite Technicians.
What do we do?

What do we do?Build a branded modular app

Our fully customisable event app solves many live event challenges, allowing delegates to interact with a meeting in new and insightful ways. Have you been stuck printing ever changing agendas? Have you used voting keypads with only 1,2,3 button options? Have you been climbing over delegates to pass around microphones? Can they see the slides at the back? Why not try a a new way of doing things?

Why choose Us?

Delivery.Setup, installation and support

We use our own fleet of iPads, our in house app, and our experienced event technicians to deliver a reliable and engaging interactive experience. The biggest risk to deploying event technology is poor venue WiFi and internet. Our system has been designed to offer a safe and secure offline experience that requires no internet.

Why choose Us?

Data Analysis.Engage and Interact with your audience.

The iPad keyboard gives delegates a chance to have a say in your conference. You can now collect questions, comments, opinion and feedback instantly. Lets check if your delegates understood the event messaging and see what they really thought. We can bring instant graphs and tables to the conference screens and provide indepth reports for post meeting analysis.

what does it do?

Our App platform has a number of flexible modules that can be tailored for each meeting. We can also build bespoke modules when required.

Watch live slides

The iPads large screen allows us to mirror the main conference screens and allow the audience to see detailed slides more clearly.


Interactive Polling

When we press a button on our control panel, the iPads change to show the latest poll, feedback form or document.


Answer Questions

The audience can submit a question at any point and be viewed on special moderator iPads. Questions can be shown on screen or answered on stage.


Paperless Conference

Using the document viewer you can instantly update live agendas, welcome letters, breakout information and much more.


Take Notes

The audience can type into thier conference notepad at any time. The iPad notes are emailed to them post meeting.


Evaluation forms

We can build detailed meeting evalaution surveys and have the iPads switch to them automatically during the wrap up.

Powerful insight into your audiences

Ask your Audience important questions and get instant graphs and data displayed on the conference screens.

Find out what your audience is really thinking by asking for opinion and let it help shape the direction of your conference. Collected data can be viewed discretley by moderators and questions can be filtered and moderated to avoid anything embaressing.

Why not ask people to complete a pre-meeting survey when they first login. They can then be polled again during the wrap up and you can see whether they have understood the event messaging and what needs to be improved.

Easy to use

Our whole system has been designed to be as easy to use and navigate as possible.

A simple and intuitive menu means delegates can operate the app with next to no instruction. Hotlinks are created to important content such as evaluation forms, agendas and protocol documents. If anyone should get lost, a home button is always available to take them back.

The same easy to use concept is used to help those on stage. Our moderator and presenter apps allow a behind the scenes moderator to remove and edit any awkward questions and to mark questions as answered. Only questions that are approved will display on the presenters iPad. Questions can be displayed on screen with the simple touch of a button.

Why choose Us?
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