Hybrid Meeting App

A hybrid meeting app providing interactivity and video conferencing across multiple locations.
What do we do?

What is Hybrid?Connecting People

This hybrid meeting app helps link up and provide interactivity to both physical and remote attendees. The system combines a live zoom webinar wrapped in a branded interactive portal.

Remote Users

Remote UsersBranded Secure Portal

Remote attendees access the system using a web browser and custom URL. They are presented with a video feed from the physical meeting and can access the onsite interactivity. Remote users can take part in polls, ask questions and view meeting materials.

Why choose Us?

Onsite AttendeesDedicated Interactive Device

Onsite delegates are provided with iPads to provide the onsite interactivity. They access the same internet based server as the remote attendees. The data is pooled and data is displayed live on all delegate devices as well as the conference screens.

what does it do?

Host your physical meeting online and connect up to 1500 attendees who would otherwise not be able to attend. Remote and physical attendess can vote, ask questions and interact together. Remote attendees use their own computer, onsite delegates are provided with interactive iPads.
hybrid meeting app for virtual conferences

View Live Video

We can integrate a number of video platforms such as zoom. Remote delegates will get a live view of the meeting and presentation slides.


Audience Participation

Delegates can connect via their own computers via a fully branded website. Physical attendees are provided with interactive iPads.


Answer Questions

The feature rich Q&A function allows delegates to ask questions throughout the meeting. Questions can be viewed and addressed either privately or publicly.


Interactive features

Create polls and easily push them out at any point during the meeting. Results can be viewed privately by the presenters or publicly displayed to the audience.


Meeting Materials

Presentations are shown via the video feed. PDF documents such as brochures, protocols and previous presentations can be viewed and accessed at anytime. .


Evaluation Forms

Complex evaluation forms and data capture forms can be easily accessed and also revealed at the end of the meeting. .

Fully managed service

Pre-production and setup - Live meeting support

Our experienced meeting team will brand and create the interactive portl. Working together we can input scheduling and create the necessary emails and registration pages. We will mail out invites and keep track of registrations.

Once the meeting is setup and your attendees are invited, we can take some time to schedule speaker rehearsals and run through the meeting content in more depth. We can also arrange for broadcast kits to be sent to presenters, with laptops, lighting, webcams and headsets.

During the meeting you may want to have technical support on hand to provide peace of mind. One of our technicians can join as a silent presenter, monitoring the meeting and be on hand for any questions. Our interactive specilaists will operate the voting and help you gain the most insight into your audience.

Hybrid Meeting App
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