Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Conference App

Branded App that is run on delegates own Phones or Tablets.
What do we do?

What do we do?Configure a branded modular app

This customisable event app allows delegates to easily access meeting interactivity with their own devices. Flexible modules allow you to poll and gain feedback in a huge number of ways. We work in the lead up to the meeting to brand and tailor the app and utilise the best features for your meeting, we send screenshots for final approval.

Why choose Us?

The Delivery.Setup, installation and support

We take care of all the technical aspects of delivery. This app is accessable via a custom meetign URL such as YOURMEETINGNAME.CO.UK. We setup the system in advance, loading polling questions, feedback forms and agenda. We can send a Technician to your meeting to display the results on screen and brief your presenters on how to facilitate the technology.

Why choose Us?

Data Analysis.Engage and Interact with your audience.

You can now collect questions, comments, opinion and feedback instantly. Lets check if your delegates understood the event messaging and see what they really thought. We can bring instant graphs and tables to the conference screens and provide indepth reports for post meeting analysis.

what does it do?

This flexible app utilises 'Push Technology' to send the latest polling questions on demand to the audience. Results are displayed live on screen or collected for later discusson.
Interactive Conference App

Interactive Polling

When we press a button on our control panel, the devices change to show the latest poll, feedback form or document.


Ask Questions

The audience can submit a question at any point. Questions can be shown on screen or answered on stage.


Paperless Conference

Using the document viewer you can instantly update live agendas, welcome letters, breakout information and much more.


Evaluation forms

We can build detailed meeting evalaution surveys and have the devices switch to them automatically during the wrap up.


Welcome Surveys

Ask surveys when the delegates first log in and compare later results to se ehow much your messaging has been received.


Quizzes and Games

Help make the meeting a little more fun with conference quizzes and live leaderboards.

Powerful insight into your audiences

Ask your Audience important questions and get instant graphs and data displayed on the conference screens.

Find out what your audience is really thinking by asking for opinion and let it help shape the direction of your conference. Collected data can be viewed discretley by moderators and questions can be filtered and moderated to avoid anything embaressing.

Why not ask people to complete a pre-meeting survey when they first login. They can then be polled again during the wrap up and you can see whether they have understood the event messaging and what needs to be improved.

Easy to use

The whole system has been designed to be as easy to use as possible.

A simple and intuitive menu means delegates can operate the app with next to no instruction. The user doesn't have to go to an app store to install, they simply visit a URL and save as a bookmark. The link can be added to the house keeping slides and delegates can get started in only a few seconds.

The same easy to use concept is used to help those on stage. Our Technicians will push out the poll and gather the results before bringing them on screen for the presenter to dicuss. We can play some music to fill the few seconds of silence while people vote.

Why choose Us?
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