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Temporary wireless networks for events
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WiFi HireTemporary Event Solutions

A&T can provide a temporary on-site network to support the growing use of technology and delegates own devices at events. Even the most modern of venues can struggle when providing WiFi to hundreds of devices, especially in one large room. Our Technicians have setup, managed and supported high density WiFi networks at venues across the World.

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Technical SupportSetup, Configuration and Installation

We work with a venue in the build up to an event to plan and manage all WiFi issues. A key part of making a meeting a success is to plan and understand potential issues before they happen. We can plan site visits and liase with venues internet provider in the build up to the event and support with on-site technicians.

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Internet Access4G and Satellite Broadband

When internet is required, it's usually best to use part of a venues existing connection. We take an agreed slice of the venues bandwidth and feed it into a dedicated WiFI system, exclusively for your users. In situations where internet is unavailable or not up to speed, we can use 4G and satellite broadband systems instead.

why hire event WiFi from us?

We have built up years of experience supporting and installing WiFi systems for our iPad and laptops. We have expanded this service to help support the growing use of event technology and meeting apps.

Dedicated Networks

Setting up a WiFi network with dedicated hardware and bandwidth has many benefits. Sometimes the venue WiFi is shared with too many users or lacks the necessary bandwidth to meet your needs.


Secure Solutions

Sharing company sensitive data and information across a free public WiFi network is never a good idea. Provide your delegates with an event specific network with strong encryption and password.


4G Solutions

We can provide internet access over the 4G mobile network to provide acess in difficult locations or backup / fall over services.



We can work with a hotel to install a WiFI network across breakout rooms and event space. We can use a venuesg existing wiring to ensure complete coverage.


Device Configuration

If you are hiring devices from us, we can install configuration profiles so there is no need to manually type the password on every device.



We utilise a number of different products to help deploy a robust and stable WiFi network. We use Access Points, Routers and Switches from leading manufacturers.

Why choose Us?

WiFi for events, exhibitions and conferences

Fully supported event networks

We cover all aspects of installing event WiFI from planning and hardware, through to setup and delivery. We have a strong team of Technicians who will assess your needs and bandwidth requirements. We will work with the venue to assess their current provisions and to secure the required internet speed. We will connect our router and WiFi system to the venue and provide 4G where needed for backup.

Our Wireless Access Points are neatly installed on tripod stands across the venue to cover any dead spots. We will setup a unique and identifiable WiFi name and password for your users to easily logon.

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